Belgian and French Farmhouse Style Ales

Belgian Table Biere split batch low gravity ale with American hops

Abbey inspired Ale fermented with monastic yeast dried oranges and citra hops

Belgian IPA hopped with warrior, palisade, and amarillo fermented with a blend of Belgian yeasts

Houblon Blonde a blonde ale brewed with rye and liberty, mt. hood, and vanguard hops

Belgian style Dubbel first attempt at the style

Belgian style Dubbel with figs and honey

Quadruple 2009 with pinot noir juice and french oak aged

Quadruple 2010 with pinot noir juice

Saison rustic and hazy with barley, oats, rye, and wheat

Pink Peppercorn Saison brewed with the berry of a S. American evergreen tree

Maple Amber Saison brewed with Vermont maple syrup and caramel malts

Imperial Black Saison brewed with meadowsweet, nutmeg, and chamomile oak aged 2009

French Saison brewed with east kent goldings and vanguard hops fermented with 3711

Spring Saison with pink peppercorns and sumac berries barley, wheat, rye, and oats

Imperial Black Saison brewed with meadowsweet, nutmeg, and chamomile oak aged 2010

Saison step mash rustic and hazy barley, wheat, rye, and oats

Petite Saison low gravity session ale

Single Hop Citra Saison a saison ipa of sort

Saison post contains judge reviews and scores from a BJCP competition

Saison with peppercorns and sumac berries post contains judge reviews and scores from NHC regionals

Parsnip Saison brewed with a pound of roasted parsnips per gallon

Clementine Wit a Belgian style white with fresh clementine zest, and juice

Black Wit with de-bittered black malt, molasses, dried orange peel, and coriander

Dunkel inspired Wit a malty amber ale with fresh tangerine peel and juice

Tangelo Wit with coriander, fresh tangelo zest, and juice

Lime Wit with fresh lime peel, and juice

Rose Water Wit mashed in with cold steeped rose water

Heirloom Grains

Basmati Rice Pilsner in the tradition of American adjunct pilsners with high quality rice

Brown Ale with Bhutanese red rice

Brown Ale with buckwheat

Brown Ale with wild rice

Golden Ale with purple rice

Pale, Amber, and India Pale Ales

Pale Ale with whole leaf nugget hops

Rye Pale Ale with cascade, columbus, chinook, and centennial hops

English style Pale Ale with whole leaf east kent goldings and English yeast

Rye Pale Ale with more rye and hops

Pale Ale with whole leaf palisade hops

Rye Pale Ale with amarillo, simcoe, and palisade hops

Pale Ale re-brew for NHC final (oops, I drank all the beer)

Pale Ale with whole leaf centennial hops

Fresh Hop Pale Ale with hand harvested wet hops

Amber Ale with amarillo, palisade, simcoe hops

Amber Ale with cascade and vanguard hops

Rye IPA mashed in at midnight

IPA with cascade, amarillo, simcoe, palisade hops

IPA post contains judges comments from NHC regionals

IPA with centennial, hbc-342, pacific jade hops

Black IPA with centennial and perle hops

Brown, Porters, and Stouts

Brown Ale with toasted flaked rye

Robust Brown Ale with cherry wood smoked malt and bourban soaked vanilla bean

Brown Porter this beer won best in show at the Delaware State Fair 2011 post contains judges comments

Smoked Porter with cherry wood smoked malt

Smoked Porter a late night brew with home brewer's from Australia

Smoked Porter with cherry wood smoked malt, roasted barley, more wheat

Smoked Porter post contains judges feed back

Smoked Session Stout a low gravity, full bodied, smoked stout

Oatmeal Stout pretty strait forward

Export Oatmeal Stout a beefed up oatmeal stout

Oatmeal Stout with home toasted flaked oats

Oatmeal Stout with steal cut Irish oats

Oatmeal Stout post contains judges feedback

Imperial Coffee Stout cold steeped whole beans in secondary

Imperial Coffee Stout added caramel malts and raised mash temp

Imperial Coffee Stout oak aged

Sour and Funky

Lambic fermented with wlp-655 Belgian sour mix

Lambic fermented with 3278 lambic blend

Flemish Style Red fermented with roeselare blend

Framboise fermented with roeselare blend and raspberry concentrate

Saison fermented with 3711 and brettanomyces bruxellensis

Oud Bruin with fig and raspberry concentrate and roeslare blend

100% Brett. Brux. Pale Ale an American pale ale hop and grist bill

Pineapple Ale with pineapple juice fermented with brett. bruxellensis and lambicus

Tropical Ale with tropical juice blend fermented with brett. bruxellensis and lambicus

Carrot Sour Ale with carrot juice and 3278 lambic blend

Kriek with cherry juice and roeselare blend

Pomegranate Sour Ale with pomegranate juice and roeselare blend

Strawberry Sour Ale with whole strawberries and roeselare blend

Cranberry Sour Ale with whole cranberries, cranberry juice, and roeselare blend

Berliner Weisse no boil fermented with wlp 630

Berliner Weisse fermented with american ale strain and lactobacillus


Pilsner with lots of sorachi ace hops or how I discovered sorachi ace tastes like dill

Schwarzbier with briess special roast, de-bittered black, and whole leaf glacier hops

Bohemian style Pilsner with 2124 bohemian lager strain

Maibock with pecan smoked malt

California Common fermented with lager yeast strain in low sixties

Munich Dunkel with chocolate wheat malt

India Pale Lager a Vienna style lager with traditional hops, but hop rates of an American IPA

German style Pilsner simple recipe, first wort hop with saaz and tettnanger

Vienna Lager/California Common hybrid lager recipe

Fruits, Vegetables, and Spice Beers

Coconut Rum Imperial Porter toasted coconut tincture oak aged

Chocolate Vanilla Porter with fresh grated cocoa

Chocolate Smoked Porter with smoked malt and cocoa powder

Raspberry Chocolate Stout with raspberry concentrate and cocoa powder

Pumpernickel Porter with lots of rye malts and caraway seeds

Ferment-O-Lantern pumpkin ale fermented in a pumpkin

Chicory Brown Ale a robust brown ale with chicory

Belgian style Double White with chili peppers, orange peel, and coriander

Smoked Brown Ale with chipotle peppers and smoked malt

Belgian style Double White with chili peppers, orange peel, coriander

Amber IPA with chili peppers

Lemon Pepper Hefeweizen with fresh lemon zest, lemongrass, peppercorns, and bay leaves

Strawberry Cream Ale with whole fresh strawberries and flaked maize

Tart Cherry Porter with whole tart cherries

Belgian style Blonde with whole blueberries

Saison with whole raspberries and blackberries

Porter with smoked pumpkins

Strawberry Cream Ale with whole strawberries

Squash Ale with acorn, buttercup, and delicata squash

Parsnip Saison brewed with a pound of roasted parsnips per gallon

Salt and Pepper Gose a Gose style beer brewed with pink salt and pink peppercorns


  1. Your recipe section doesn't appear to contain any recipes. At least not for the brown porter or BPA...

    1. Each post has a general recipe list of ingredients used. I figure with the advent of brewing software you can take the time to enter the grain and hop bills and figure out what percentages work for you based off your batch size.

      I am trying to promote creativity and inspiration for home brewers by giving a general idea about what goes into each batch of beer. Not a cookbook with precise recipe details and step by step instructions.

      There are already plenty of books, brewing software, and blogs that hand out detailed recipes.

      If you do want a detailed recipe from my recipe spreadsheet database I will be more than happy to email them to you. Send requests to