English style Pale Ale

Today I'm brewing an English style pale ale. Using one of the English "noble" hops, East Kent Goldings to create a single hop pale ale, to bittering, flavor and right thru to dry hopping. Brewers Connection describes the British hop East Kent Golding pedigree: "Golding is a group of English, aroma-type, hop varieties. The East Kent variety being an especially fine aroma hop, originating in England. Developed by clonal selection from 1790 on starting from Canterbury Whitebine. Over the decades, the group has been changed and widened. Mostly they have been named after villages in East Kent. English Goldings grown in East Kent are a premium hop. This classic English Ale hop is used extensively in kettle hopping and for dry hopping. Used alone or in conjunction with Fuggles it produces an especially fine glass of ale. It is the premier contributor to classic English pale ale aroma."

The malt bill consists of pale two row, flaked barley, torrified soft red wheat, amber, and crystal malt. I'm not trying to follow style guidelines of the BJCP on this brew but it might fit in the 8C category. I'll be dry hopping this ale with a heavy hand of whole leaf hops in secondary, American Style quantity's. The malt bill is designed to balance the hops, in the same way late hopped beers in America have been more amber in color, see Stone Levitation Ale. Using dry yeast, Safale S-04, from Muntons Brewery. A malt accentuating strain that ferments rapidly and drops out quickly.

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