Farm Fresh Series: Smoked Pumpkin Porter

After a hot summer this year Fall is finally in sight. The changing of the season signifies the time of year when almost every brewery in the country is brewing a spiced Pumpkin ale. An amber ale that sweeps you away on a sensory experience of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and well, Autumn.

For my fall seasonal I'll be using a heirloom pumpkin variety called Red October. A smaller, sweeter, pumpkin that is ready for harvest early in the season. The pumpkins were grown at Wright's Farm in Delaware. They were roasted and then smoked. The smoker that was used is a well seasoned smoker that contributed a huge smoked bacon flavor. After cooking the pumpkins there were twelve pounds of pumpkin meat to add to the mash. The base style to complement the flavor of the smoked pumpkins is a strong porter with a target abv of 7.5%. I'm not using any smoked malt in the grist so the smoked pumpkins will be the only smoke flavor in the beer. Also won't be using any spices to muddle the flavor of this harvest ale. Allowing the smoked pumpkins and dark malt flavors of the Porter to shine.


  1. using pumpkin in a beer? you must be out of your gourd! hehe

    if you wanted to add a big bacon flavor, why not just add bacon?

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog this this the brew that was in the Evolution tasting room a few weeks ago in a very small supply? If so it was beyond amazing.

  3. It is the beer that was in the tasting room at Evolution. Glad you enjoyed it. It was some of the pumpkins from EVO pumpkin beer that we smoked and I used at home to brew a different kind of pumpkin ale. Cheers!