Imperial Coffee Stout(s)

Brewing an Imperial Coffee Stout. A Russian Imperial Stout that I'll be adding coffee to in 2nd fermentation. I brewed a coffee stout in November 09' last year. The beer turned out very well and I'm going to be making minor malt bill adjustments. I brewed a batch yesterday and one today. Same recipe but I'll be changing the type of coffee in each batch. I'm working to dial in the coffee flavor and I will be brewing many more batches playing around with different coffee from around the world. Tanzania peaberry, Ethiopian Harrar, and S. American variety's as well. Focusing on geographic origin of the coffee and generally medium roast.

Both batches were brewed onto 2nd generation yeast cakes. One from Rye pale ale, and anther pale ale that was pretty much just a prop to have enough yeast for this high gravity coffee stout I'm brewing.

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