Dark Amber Tangerine Wit

An amber russet colored wit. Brew with 60/40 pale/wheat malt. Speacialty malts are amber, munich, crystal 60 and toasted flaked oats. I toasted flaked oats in the oven to create a full on oatmeal cookie aroma. For spicing I'm using some toasted coriander as well as coriander that has not been toasted, along with a little chamomile. Adding all the spices and five scored tangerines with five minutes left in boil. I've brewed a few diffferent wit style beers that have been pale in color, this one with darker specialty malts has some similarity's to the german weiss being light (a belgian wit in this case) and dunkelweiss darker but with traditional weiss characteristics. Maybe this is a "Dunkel Wit" of sorts. Very bready tasting wort, english muffin, toast, and shortbread flavors. For yeast I'll be blending White Labs Belgian Wit WLP400 and Safbrew T-58 (half packet), I've have had great results with this blend in the past on my clementine wit.

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