Farm Fresh Series: Tart Cherry Porter

This weekend at the farmers market there were some fresh Tart Cherries and Blueberries. I decided to brew a Porter with the cherries. I'll be adding the cherries directly into the primary FV as I did during knockout for the Strawberry Cream Ale. Both the cherries and previously mentioned strawberries were from Fifer Orchards in Wyoming, Delaware.

Grist Bill: English pale malt, Amber malt, Crystal malt, Coffee malt, Chocolate malt, Black Patent, and CaraPils. Six Pounds of Tart Cherries. Lightly hopped with Willamette. Fermented with Safale US-05.


  1. Did you do anything to the cherries before adding them in the primary besides wash them? I'm about to split my batch of Patersbier and I have about 3 lbs of North Star Tart Cherries from a friends cherry tree. I'm thinking about pasteurizing them at 170 for 10 minutes or so before adding to secondary. Any suggestions?

  2. I washed the cherries in a light star san solution for five minutes to 'sanitize' them and then put in zip top bag and put in freezer. Worked well and helped chill the wort even more.

    This beer came out really well. I also gently crushed cherries to separate fruit from pits. Leaving the pits in the FV lent a really nice almond character to the chocolate and tart cherry flavors.