BBQ Bourban Brown Ale

On Memorial Day this year I'm brewing a big brown ale inspired by the many barbecue's that are taking place today. To turn this brown ale into a barbecue inspired batch I'll be brewing with Smoke Malt, Molasses, and Ancho Chilies. Lending the delicious flavors of well done barbecue. Brown ales are the best style to pair with grilled and barbecued foods. This is because of the Maillard Reaction. Think toasting bread, searing a steak, the browning action of your favorite foods. The flavor of toasted bread, biscuits, seared and roasted meats, and dark beers are made from "a chemical reaction between amino acid and a reducing sugar, usually requiring heat. It is vitally important in the preparation or presentation of many types of food." Going to be aging this beer on house charred either mesquite, hickory, or oak chips soaked with Bourbon. Nothing like a Bourbon infused Barbecue sauce. The boiled wort has nice chocolate, toffee and caramel, with a ripe dark fruit pepper flavor from the Ancho chilies. Should be interesting.


  1. That does sound interesting. Let us know how it turns out.

  2. Joseph, I'm drinking this beer as I write this. Big bbq smoke aroma like I'd expect from the name with just a hint of chillies. Great aroma, it totally sets up the beer. With smoked beers being one of my favorite styles, this doesn't disappoint with the smoke. What smoked malt did you use or did you smoke your own? I would have liked to see a bit more pronounce Ancho flavor to go with the chocolate. Didn't get a sense of the bourbon, but I didn't miss it since it was a very enjoyable beer.