American Pale Ale(s)

Beer Advocate describes the style, "Of British origin, this style is now popular worldwide and the use of local ingredients or imported, produces variances in character from region to region. Generally, expect a good balance of malt and hops. Fruity esters and diacetyl can vary from none to moderate, and bitterness can range from lightly floral to pungent. American versions tend to be cleaner and hoppier, while the British tend to be more malty, buttery, aromatic and balanced."

In my version today I'll be adding some of the extra English malt character by using both Maris Otter and American two row as my base malts. Rounding out the grist bill with some Amber, Crystal, and Wheat malt. First wort hopping with Palisade and Willamette, bittered with Warrior hops. Some whole leaf Palisade hops at thirty minutes and the only other hops added will be dry hops. Used similar hopping technique in a pale ale and Rye'd Pale ale I brewed earlier this year. For the second batch of the day I'll be brewing the same recipe with the only change being no crystal malt, substituting more amber malt for the crystal malt. I just want to see if I can notice a difference in the pale ale without the crystal malt, basically to see which I prefer overall.

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  1. Is this the beer that you won NHC regionals with? The hop character is beautiful! I could smell the aroma from a foot away as I was pouring it. We're seriously impressed with what we've tasted so far!