Farm Fresh Series: Strawberry Cream Ale

Brewing up a Cream Ale today with fresh local strawberries and bananas. Brewing a somewhat traditional style cream ale by using flaked maize in the mash. The somewhat will be the addition of 6 pounds of whole strawberries and 3 bananas into the primary fermenter. Now, I recommend and prefer fermenting in glass for a couple reasons, plastic scratches much easier and never smells 'clean'. Regardless I've purchased a 7 gallon plastic FV for a 'Farm Fresh Fermentation Series'. The plan is to brew with whatever fresh local fruit's and vegetables that are available throughout this year's season at my local farmers market. First batch of series will be a Strawberry Cream ale. My friend Jon Talkington, Master Meadmaker of Brimming Horn Meadery makes a strawberry mead and has found that the addition of bananas to fermentation doesn't add much banana flavor but does seem to enhance the strawberry flavor. The flavor of strawberry is delicate and often difficult to brew with, probably a reason there are not many commercial examples (compared to blueberry for instance). I'm especially excited to brew something with cantaloupe, honey dew melons, and carrots later this year. Of course the randoms will be most fun, kohlrabi ale anyone?

Simple grist bill of pale two row, flaked maize, and honey malt. Barely hopped with Celeia variety and fermented with White Labs WLP009 Australian Ale yeast. White Labs claims this yeast "can ferment successfully, and clean, at higher temperatures."


  1. This sounds utterly tasty again my friend. One questions I have for you in something like this is what do you do to prepare your fruit? Do you just cut it up and throw it in? Do you need to do anything to it to make it sanitary?

    I'm curious about the carrots...


    Mike's Brew Review

  2. +1 to finding out about the sanitation process...when did you add the fruit (obviously in primary, but when?...right away? high krausen?)

  3. The fruit was added right away during knock out and then pitched the yeast.

    Turned out very well, really nice strawberry flavor and aroma.

  4. Sadly the keg is kicked and this batch is no more. Will make again next year when strawberries are ripe once again.