Tangelo Wit

Went to the grocery store the day before the Mid-Atlantic blizzard to get clementines to brew another batch of Clementine Wit. Though when I arrived at the store I noticed a lack of clementines and the only other interesting citrus was tangelo's. Tangelo's are a hybrid of tangerines and/or pomelo and grapefruit. I brewed an Amber Tangerine Wit last October and was pleased with the flavor the tangerines contributed. In short, I'm brewing a Tangelo Wit beer today.

Brewed with barley, wheat, and oats. Spiced with hops, coriander, lemon peel, and tangelo's.

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  1. I once brewed a Tangelo Porter based on the Dark Night Tangerine Porter recipe found in Mosher's "Radical Brewing." The tangelo and coriander provided a subtle citrusy overlay, but for the heck of it I decided to enter the beer in a competition as a Brown Porter (Cat. 12A) and the beer scored fairly well. No one picked up on the tangelo, coriander or Belgian Wit yeast. Oh, the power of suggestion...