Spiced Ginger Bread Ale

The pumpkin in a pumpkin beer has fermented out and I'm going to try and ferment one more brew inside the pumpkin before I carve it. It seems to be in good condition. Looking forward to racking the pumpkin beer later to see how it tastes. Today I'm brewing a dark amber ale spiced with ginger, heather, elderflowers, and nutmeg. The grist bill is as follows: pale malt, amber malt, flaked oats, munich malt, crystal 60, and torrified red wheat. Going to add a 1/2 ounce of vanguard at start of boil and that will be the only hop addition. Both the heather and elderflowers will contribute bitterness to the brew. The wort tasted very good going into the pumpkin, ginger flavor was mild and balanced.

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