UK Session Bitter(s)

Brewing a low alcohol offering today. Brewed an English Special Bitter last year that I was very pleased with. A flavorful ale that was 4.1%. I really enjoy full flavored low alcohol beers and I'll be tweaking the grist bill slightly from the one I made last year. I'll again be adding organic barley flour to the mash and mashing in warm (156*/157*) to add body. Brewing a 10 gallon batch today, which is possible because I'm borrowing a converted keg/kettle from the owner of my local home brew store (thanks Doug!). At the home brew store I've been teaching home brew classes, a few extract classes,an all grain class, and a recipe development class. Lots of fun teaching, I hope the students have learned something, I know they have taught me a lot.

Today's grist bill is Baird pale malt, Biscuit malt, Amber malt, Crystal malt,and a touch of Roasted Barley. A balanced, bold hand of East Kent Golding hops. Fermented with an English yeast strain, dry Safale S-04.

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