Peaches and Cream Ale

I've brewed a Strawberry and Cream Ale for a couple years. I'm making one change for this batch. Peaches. Same grist bill and hop bill with seven pounds of peaches in a six gallon batch. Check out a video of milling the grain and mashing in. The peaches were washed in a light star san solution. Then into plastic freezer bags and placed in the freezer last summer.

American two row, wheat malt, honey malt, and flaked maize. Sixty, twenty, and five minute hop addition of German Saphir. Fermented with American ale yeast Safale US-05. Starting gravity of twelve degrees plato.


  1. How's your starch conversion using maize? How many minutes do you spend at the protein rest step? My attempts on making cream ales wasn't very great 'cause of conversion problems :(

  2. I didn't do a protein rest. Single infusion at 152*f and mash off/out (depending on where you are in the country) to 168*f.

    Why do you want to convert all the corn? Then it wouldn't be a very creamy cream ale. How are you checking conversion? Iodine?

    relax, have a home brew.