Green Peppercorn Rye Amber Ale

This is a beer I've been wanting to make for quite some time. I'm using the German ale yeast from last weekends rauchbier. Racking off the yeast and just knocking out right on top of the yeast. Ever since I tasted Dieu du Ciel!'s Route D'Spices I wanted to try and re create the amazing peppercorn flavor in that beer. It is an amazing beer that starts malty and ends witha a nice peppery finish. That demands you to take another sip to have that pepper bite again. The rye malt contributes it's own peppery quality as well. I really like fresh ground pepper, so I'm going for a little more assertive pepper flavor but still not overwhelming. Runoff going well, but it's getting close, yup, stuck mash. No problem, just deep cut, you can feel the grain bed sucked to the false bottom. Re-Vorlauf to clear the wort and start running off again till kettle full. Here is a video of mashing in. I have a grist case that feeds the crushed grains into the mash tun with a knife valve. Works great. Getting ready to start brewing much more into the fall. Sour Shack is being constructed in the catacombs to begin brewing sour beers soon. Looking forward to bringing some funk.

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