Spiced Hefeweizen

It's fun brewing when a recipe snowballs into a kitchen sink brew. I started thinking I wanted to brew a lemongrass/peppercorn Hefe. Then thought why not throw some bay leaves in, and what's that a blood orange in the drawer, I think that would go nicely. So that's it, a Lemongrass Bayleaf Blood Orange Peppercorn Hefeweizen. I didn't go overboard with any of the spices and herbs. They should play a sixth man sort of role against the phenols of the Hefe yeast and body of grist bill. Fermenting within hours after knockout. Starting Gravity of 13 Plato. Also racked the Basic Hefe into 2nd carboy. Tasted banana, dry, tart, clove, and bready. The color is a very hazy straw yellow. Finished at a abv around four and a half. Already looking forward to bottling this one.

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