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It's has been way too long since I posted on this blog. I'm happy to say that the reason I have not been posting very much on hopfentreader.com is because I've been too busy starting a family and opening a brewery. Also, I haven't been sure about how to integrate this blog into Burlington Beer Company. Any thoughts or feedback on this is always appreciated, please comment below. My best idea so far is for this blog to be a behind the scenes look at making of the different beers, brewery operations, and juicy brewing stuff. I imagine you guys would be very interested in reading about and seeing pictures of the 18bbl Frankenstein electric brew house as well as a 1bbl pilot system we have cranking out member only bottle release stuff (barrel aged saison, strawberry cream ale, next is a rosé wine like Triple with blueberries) and soon the first general public bottle release, an Extra IPA with Peaches.

I'm looking forward to posting more updates here on this blog. I'm extremely proud of the large database of home brewing information that resides here at hopfentreader.com and I'm going to continue to build on this digital brewing journal. I'm going to try and write short posts to catch up the gap from the last post on this blog, batch 200. Since then there have been another 31 small batches brewed. I'm excited to catch up and begin posting new stuff. Until the next post check out:


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